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Air Oasis UV air purifiers

Air Oasis Kennel Air Purifies are excellent for Kennels,
Veterinary Clinics, Treatment Rooms, Breeders, Humane Societies,

Grooming Rooms, Reception Areas, Animal Rescue Shelters, and
Pet Stores

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Air Oasis Kennel air and surface sanitizers significantly reduce the viral and bacterial infections that can spread throughout veterinary clinics, kennels or day care play areas. It has been well documented that treatment rooms and kennel areas have high levels of viruses and bacteria. In fact, canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs. Kennel cough is most commonly associated with a bacterial infection caused by the organism Bordetella bronchiseptica.

Air Oasis specially designed these sanitizers systems to eliminate unpleasant pet odors, cleaning chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other aeroallergens, improving the air quality for aniamls, those who work with pets, plus creates clean, fresh, healthy air for your your clients when they enter your business.

What Is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough (canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is an upper respiratory infection affecting dogs. There are multiple causative agents, the most common being the bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica, followed by canine parainfluenza virus (37.7% of cases), and to a lesser extent canine coronavirus (9.8% of cases). It is highly contagious; however adult dogs may display immunity to reinfection even under constant exposure. Kennel cough is so named because the infection can spread quickly among dogs in the close quarters of a kennel or animal shelter.

Kennel cough is a term loosely used to describe a complex infection - both viral and bacterial - that causes inflammation of dog's voice box and wind pipe. It is a form of bronchitis and is similar to chest colds in humans. Though it usually clears up on its own, kennel cough is highly contagious to other dogs.

Kennel cough is most commonly associated with a bacterial infection caused by the organism Bordetella bronchiseptica. It has been well documented that treatment rooms and kennel areas have high levels of viruses and bacteria. In fact, canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs.

air oasis uv purifiers

Oasis UV quickly reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, odors and VOCs.

Air Oasis UV AHPCO Air and Surface Sanitizers are recommended for Kennels,
Operating & Isolation Rooms, Humane Societies, Breeders, Groomers,
Reception Areas, Animal Rescue Shelters, Pet Stores, and More.

air oasis uv purifiers

Benefits of the Air Oasis Animal Air Purifiers:

  • Destroys airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Destroys odors from medicines and chemicals.
  • Destroys molds, fungi and yeast.
  • Eliminates odors from urine and feces.
  • Stops the spread of Kennel Cough.
  • Sanitizes air and surfaces in all areas.
  • Aids in prevention of respiratory infections.

Air Purifier for Vet Clinic

Plus the Air Oasis Kennel Sanitizers are:

  • Economical.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Quit Operation.
  • Simply plug it in and let the purifying sanitizing begin.
  • Low Maintenance. Just replace the AHPCO Cell once every 2 years, 18,000 Hour UV Cell Life

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Air Oasis Testimonials On Effectiveness in Kennels

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

It really works great! In the past year I only had one case of canine cough, and that dog was in an area that didn't have the Air Oasis technology. ~ Lori, W., The Pet Hotel at Barkingham Palace, California

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

The Air Oasis 5000 is working wonderfully. Within 24 hours of first plugging it in our kennel cough issues disappeared. ~ Andrea G., Tri State Pet Care

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

I love the Air Oasis device and it has made a 150% improvement in the room it was placed in and that room is cleaned every day as all cages etc., but we have several cats in that room who have issues with bladder and bowels and the Air Oasis has improved the quality of life for the cats in that room and the people who work with them.
We also have had a huge reduction in the cats and kittens getting upper respiratory and I was wondering if they are testing for cats and upper respiratory as well as Feline Panleukopenia. I ordered another device and will continue until we have one in all of the rooms in the kennel. ~ Ellen A., North Kingstown, RI

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

We have the Air Oasis 5000 in our kennel and in addition to keeping the odors at bay, our animals are healthier and we have NO Problems with kennel cough. ~ Bloomingrove Vet Hospital, NY

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

People who visit my home are always amazed that they cannot smell the “animal odor”.  I take that as a great testimonial for the Air Oasis Air Purifier, since I rescue cats and have over a dozen in my cat room. The Air Oasis really does work, and, in fact, I was so happy with the unit I bought for the cat room that I purchased a second unit for my home. ~ Kathleen W., Covington, LA

More Customer Testimonials for Air Oasis Sanitizers

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Need Help Determining Which Model(s) You Need?

With over a decade of experience. Once we know the cubic air space to be treated in each area, the number and types of animals in each space, and area activities, we can assist with which models that are best for your business. For help determining your needs, call us toll free at 855-488-8806, 8-4 M-F CST or Contact Us

NOTE: Because animal facilities tend to have a higher amount of particulates from animal hair and dander, these units are best installed as high in the space as possible, they can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a wall with optional wall mount bracket.

Safety Approvals
Conforms to Standards:
UL-867 and EN-60335

  Safety Approval UL-867, EN-60335

Assembled in the USAMade in the USA

Air Oasis does not make "just another" cheap plastic air purifier.
Commercial strength and quality is engineered into every air and surface sanitizer.

  • Economical, light weight and easy to install
  • Simply plug it in and let the purifying / sanitizing begin
  • Low Maintenance. Just replace the AHPCO UV Cell once every 3 years. Recommended to replace at 2 years.
  • No expensive filters to replace and no messy plates or internal parts to scrub.
  • 12 VDCUL, CE, TUV,CSA, FCC, PSE, TCA, and CCC listed power adapter (included in price)
  • Approvals: Conforms to Standards: UL-867 and EN-60335
  • Material: Aluminum / polymers / Warranty: 3 year warranty
  • Quickly reduce mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Air Oasis 5000 Commercial

Air Oasis 5000 PRO Commercial

The Air Oasis 5000 PRO is a commercial sanitizer that contains two 9" UV AHPCO Cells and two fans. High speed uses both fans and cells, while low engages only one fan and one cell making it very versatile. The Air Oasis 5000PRO air output is 60 cfm on Low and 120 cfm on High. It also operates on pennies to save you money; only 65 watts on high. Optional Wall Mounting Brackets are available.
The Air Oasis 5000PRO Commercial air purifier is especially designed for open areas 5000 square feet or smaller areas with high contamination levels. It is designed to eliminate smoke, fumes and odors and to sanitize the work area for employees. The AO 5000PRO commercial air purifier is ideal for factories, restaurants, hospitals, fire stations, kennels, schools, smoking areas, casinos, and hotels.
Air Oasis air purifiers utilize a high-performance 
nano-Nickel HCT quad metallic catalyst, nano technology and photocatalytic oxidation (AHPCO, Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation technology, TiO2), not only remove particulate matter like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and pollen, they will even remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
With the advanced UV AHPCO technology Air Oasis will provide all the benefits of ozone air purifiers without using high and potentially dangerous levels of ozone. Easy installation, no maintenance, uses the three year life UV
AHPCO™ Cell.
Recommended replacement at two years when lamp drops below 80% of their output.
Each 5000PRO Commercial can treat a room with roughly up to 20-30 animals, depending on the type of animals and the cubic air space in the room. The larger the room or the greater the number of animals, the more units are needed. Call or Contact Us for assistance in proper sizing.

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Air Oasis 3000Xtreme

The Air Oasis 3000 Extreme G3 Sanitizer is designed for small commercial and heavy contaminant situations. It's capable of not only sanitizing your air, but also killing surface mold, bacteria, viruses etc, plus ridding odors and VOCs. The Air Oasis 3000 Extreme G3 is twice the strength of the Air Oasis 3000G3.
The 3000 Extreme G3 operates with little noise. Each air purifier is made of artistic brushed aluminum. Reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs quickly. Controls; On / Off; 12 VDC, 15 watts; Uses (1) One AHPCO-6 UV Photocatalyst cell; 4" w x 4" d x 17" h., Fan 11 cfm, Light Commercial use; Ozone level 0.09 PPM.
Optional wall mount bracket available.
Reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs quickly.

Air purifier studies conducted by West Texas A&M university at BSA Hospital confirm that Air Oasis air purifier / sanitizer technology not only purifies your air, but sanitizes surfaces. This study measured reductions in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA on surfaces. Air Oasis Lab Test Results

Air Oasis 3000 Extreme G3

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Air Oasis UV AHPCO Kennel Test Data

Air Oasis 5000 Pro Vet Clinic

Air Oasis Kennel Test Data

Reduction of VOCs in animal clinic while using the NANO Induct 9.

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

Vet Clinic Air Oasis 5000 Pro

Air Oasis Mobile Mold Reduction Animal Hospital
Reduction of mold in animal clinic while using the Mobile Sanifier.

Air Oasis UV PCO Test Results:

  • Up to 99% airborne bacterial reduction
  • 4-log reduction (99.9%) surface bacteria reduction
  • Smoke and VOCs: Neutralizes toxic odor causing volatile organic compounds VOCs up to 99% (85% in the first hour of use). Eliminating Cigarette Smoke
  • 99% odor reduction
  • 99% airborne mold reduction
  • 99% food surface microbial reduction
    *Areas of higher contamination or closed floor plans may require multiple units to cover suggested sq. ft.

Air Oasis UV PCO Benefits:

  • The Air Oasis uses proprietary AHPCO technology.
  • One air purifier can cover large areas.
  • The air purifier operates with little noise.
  • This air purifier operates on pennies.
  • There is no maintenance on the air sanitizers for 2 years.
  • Each air purifier is made of artistic brushed aluminum.
  • Reduces mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs.
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee / Three year warranty

 Below are some Air Oasis sales we have made to vet clinics, shelters, refuges, humane societies, kennels, dog day cares, and pet related businesses.

5- AO5000PROs to Comfort Hill Kennel in Vergennes, VT
1- AO3000Xteme to Campbell's Canine Camp in Falling Waters, WV
- AO5000PRO and 1- AO3000Xtreme to Groomingdales in Hilton Head Island
1- AO3000Xtreme to Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue in Westfield, NY
1- AO5000PRO to K9 Adventures & Training in Palm Harbor, FL
2- AO5000PROs to Doggie Stylez in Marion, IL
O to Killeen Animal Alliance donated to Killeen Animal Services
2- AO3000Xtemes to The Meowski Hotel in Los Angeles, CA
AO3000 to a home based dog daycare / kennel in MI
2- AO5000PROs and 3- AO3000Xtremes to City of Altus, OK Animal Control
4- AO3000Xtremes to City of Killeen Texas, Animal Services
1- AO3000 to Valerie's Grooming, in Chandler, OK
2- AO5000PROs to All American Pet Resort of North Brunswick, NJ
2- AO3000Xtremes to HP Enterprises Dog Breeder in TX
1- AO3000Xtreme to Dog's Day in MD
1- AO5000PRO to Whole Dogz in VA
1- AO5000PRO to Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort in OK
5- AO5000PRO to Pet Refuge of North Kingstown, RI
1- AO NIND14” Induct system to Happy Pets Inn
3- AO NIND Induct systems and 1- AO5000PRO to Arbor Lane Kennel in IN
1- AO5000PRO to Camp K-9 Pet Resort and Spa in IL

 1- AO5000PRO to South Paw Pet Resort in MA
1- AO0005PRO to No Kill Pet Refuge in NJ
 1- AO5000PRO and
1- AO3000Xtreme to Especially for Pets in MA
 2- AO5000PROs and 1- AO3000Xtreme to The Noble Dog Hotel in SC
 1- AO5000PRO to Puppy Love in MI

 1- AO5000PRO to Patriot Dog Training in TX

 1- AO5000PRO to Rug Activity Center Animal Shelter in TX
 1- AO5000PRO to Silver Acres Pet Care in AL
 1- AO5000PRO to Furr Kingdom in VA
 1- AO5000PRO to Canine Country Club in OR
 1- AO5000C to Ledges Farm Dog Camp in IA
 1- AO5000C to Victoria Puppy
 1- AO5000C to Pupculture in NY
 1- AO5000C to Happy Tails Pet Store in FL
 1- AO5000C to Dusty's Dog House in NJ
 6- AO5000Cs and 6- AO3000XG3s to Lucky Dog Pet Resort in CA
 2- AO5000Cs to K9-Kampus in PA
 2- AO5000Cs to Bark n' Bitches in CA
 1- AO5000C to All Dogs Heaven-Cleveland
 1- AO5000C to Lake Shore Humane Society in NY

What our customers say: From John of South Paw Pet Resort says, 'Love It, amazing difference'.
I have a customer who runs a cat pet refuge in RI and over time has bought 5 Air Oasis 5000PRO commercial sanitizers. She says: “Our cats were always sick but now it is a Difference of Night & Day. Not a sick cat since installing the Air Oasis. Plus, the air smells so much cleaner!
Customer Reviews / Testimonials

To get recommendations for what Air Oasis UV air purifier is best for your business needs call us at 1-866-253-1746 or Contact Us.

air oasis uv pco sanitizers

By using a AHPCO Cell with catalytic molecules the scope of effectiveness is widely broadened.
Air Oasis Makes Scientifically Advanced Products that Clean Up Today's Environmental Problems

Air Oasis AHPCO Cell catalytic molecules

The photocatalytic oxidation technology, PCO of the Air Oasis Mobile Sanifiers, 1000G3, 3000G3, 3000 Extreme G3, and 5000PRO far surpasses HEPA and other filtration systems because it can effectively treat pollution as small as .001 microns (herbicides, pesticides and most viruses). Here is a partial list of particulates, microbials, odors and other pollution the Air Oasis photocatalytic oxidation technology treats:

  • Particulates: dust, dust mites, dust mite feces, pollen, pet dander, skin flakes (food for dust mites), smoke particles, allergens, etc.

  • Microbials: germs, microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, mold spores and mycotoxins produced by a fungus, as small as .001 microns. Microbials often thrive in heating and air conditioning ducts.

  • Gases/Chemical Fumes: VOC's (volatile organic compounds), chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, (Eliminating Cigarette Smoke), plus fumes constantly escaping from construction, carpets, upholstery, furniture, drapes, cleaning materials, dry cleaning, nail treatment products and more.

  • Odors: animals, pets, food, body, cooking, smelly sports and camping equipment, shoes, litter boxes, cigarette, cigar, pipe smoke, smoke damage, etc.

Air Oasis Technology
Developed by NASA

The Air Oasis uses an AHPCO Cell, (Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation technology). The cell consists of a special broad spectrum high intensity ultraviolet (UV) lamp; (Germicidal Ultraviolet Light / UVC FAQs). The improved UV lamp cell technology Air Oasis has achieved an astonishing 26,000 hour (3 year) life span instead of the usual 1 year. The UV light is targeted on a hydrated TiO2 metallic catalyst. With this catalyst the ozone created by the UV lamp is converted into friendly, safe and aggressive oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen. The AHPCO Cell produces minimum ozone levels well below the amount considered safe by the EPA. AHPCO Cell technology has been successfully tested and approved to combat a variety of indoor air quality concerns. Note: Danger / Never look directly at the illuminated AHPCO Cell.

NASA Origins: Air Oasis has enhanced the original NASA PCO Technology developed for deep space missions to a superior propriety Advanced Hydrated PhotoCatalytic
(AHPCO) nanotechnology. How TiO2 UV PCO Oxidation Works

The Difference: Unlike an air purifier which circulates a portions of a room's indoor air and tries drawing it through a filter, Air Oasis' Air and Surface Sanitizers produce safe catalytic molecules that are blown throughout the room sanitizing both the air and surfaces 27/7/365. Are PCO Air Purifiers Better Than HEPA Filters?

Air purifier studies conducted by West Texas A&M university at BSA Hospital confirm that Air Oasis air purifier / sanitizer technology not only purifies your air, but sanitizes surfaces. This study measured reductions in methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA on surfaces. Air Oasis Lab Test Results

This study also measured reductions in other microbes and fungus. There was a 75% reduction in microbes and fungus in only 8 hours of use. Other studies show an almost complete eradication over longer periods of exposure to our air purifiers.

air oasis purifiers for kennel cough

While competitors are using TiO2 alone with no hydrating agents or other less effective catalyst coatings
Air Oasis is setting the trend for the next generation of air purifier surface sanitizers.


Air Oasis UV PCO air purifiers

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While many of our products are designed to remove smoke and odors, we do not claim they remove all of the harmful effects caused
by smoking or second hand smoke. Product claims and descriptions have been provided by and approved by the manufacturer.

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